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We Design    You Implement

Do-It-Yourself professionally designed custom spaces that allow a well-appointed home to be attainable and budget friendly.  

Let the Design Map team give you direction on achieving your perfect space. 

Determine what space you would like to address.

Step 1.

Contact us to set up your service and receive your Design Map package which includes your Questionnaire, detailed instructions on how to measure, take photographs, and provide us the information to get started on your Design Map Journey.

Step 2.

Send us your package with all of your information so we can start designing your dream room.  

Step 3.

We will work on putting together your Design Map project complete with detailed floor plans showing furniture placement, design concept boards, a sample booklet, shopping list, and complete directions on how to interpret your Map and implement the professional design into your home.  The project will be packaged in a presentation box to keep all of your design elements organized. This process is a 3-4 week turnaround.

Step 4.

We will mail you the Design Map project box for your review and you can contact us with questions as well as up to 3 revisions to the concept. 

Step 5.

Time for you to implement your professional design plan! 

Step 6.

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